18 / 07 / 2017

What is the difference between the vitalizer and another steam cooker ?

Before talking about differences let's talk about similarities.

The Vitalizer principle is, first and foremost, that of a couscous maker, i.e. soft-steam cooking. Soft steam is the contrary to pressurized steam which has been highly-popular since the 1950s. Pressurized steam is saturated with water and its temperature increases to high temperatures (exceeding 120°C) which destroys vitamins, forms a precipitate with mineral salts meaning they cannot be assimilated and, in the end, offering you dead food.

Soft steam, on the other hand, does not exceed 100°C.

The Vitalizer is the utmost in soft-steam cooking: why?


THE MATERIAL: made from surgical stainless steel 18/10, an extremely stable material which prevents oxidation

THE TANK: it is large enough to be able to fill it less than half full with water to have a constant steam flow when large pieces of food are to be cooked. Water splashing cannot occur and the space between the water and the sieve is perfectly adequate to ensure a constant temperature without having to add more water.  Avoid using steamers which contain cook pots which are overly low.

THE SIEVE: in all couscous makers the holes in the sieve are too small which leads to poor steam circulation and overly high hot spots. The larger the holes, the less pressure and the more the steam flows freely inside your Vitalizer. This makes it incredibly efficient and considerably reduces cooking times.

Very important: the Vitalizer only has one sieve. Many couscous makers and steam cookers contain several stacked sieves: a must-not-do! Whenever you cook on several layers, the food cooked on the top will seep through onto the food below, will saturate it and will contaminate it. Toxins from the top will fall onto the food below. Moreover, the steam will lose its efficiency as it has to flow through different layers and will cause the food to suffer through overly-long cooking. Although the Vitalizer has room for layering sieves, we strongly advise against this.

THE LID: thanks to the lid's dome shape, the steam which condenses in the water when it comes in contact with the inside of the lid will flow along the inside and will fall into the cooking water without saturating the food. Flat lids, used in couscous makers, were studied to ensure water would drop onto the semolina to moisten it. Exactly the opposite of what you want to do. The more your food is saturated with water, even with steam, the more vitamins and minerals will be destroyed through the increase of destructive enzymatic activity.

PERFECTLY-STUDIED PROPORTIONS: we designed Vitalizer proportions as regards the tank, the sieve and the lid, as well as the diameter of the holes and the diameter of the Vitalizer itself to optimize cooking performance.

These parameters which seem ever-so simple really make all the difference when cooking with the Vitalizer. The speed of cooking, the taste and colours of the food perfectly illustrate its efficiency. The Vitalizer lets you cook everything: meat, fish, fruit, eggs, bread, cakes, sponge cakes and is also ideal for reheating preparations in a bain-marie!


The biochemical parameters have been checked by a laboratory and we can guarantee that all vitamins and mineral salts are fully preserved as long as you don't overcook. Why not try eating al dente!

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