Steam cooking food

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Steam, a smart way to cook, source of dynamism and wellness. "Al dente" vegetable estouffade, ever-so melt-in-the-mouth fresh salmon, delicious rib steak and, not forgetting, veal blanquette, duck in orange sauce, partridge with lavender honey or yesteryear's little creams.

Traditional dishes and original creations, harmonies blending classical flavours and ever-so daring ones, steam cooking food respects and promotes your culinary preferences and invites you to eat more healthily whilst ensuring your gastronomic pleasure is absolute.


It's important to keep all your vegetables as untouched as possible until the last moment, when you're going to prepare them. This will preserve all their vitality and life force. Vitamins keep better if vegetables are stored as intact as possible: carrots and turnips with their tops, leeks with their rootlets, spinach, salads, chard leaves unwrinkled. Tell your greengrocer that you wish to eat your spinach in a salad. He'll make sure he doesn't stuff them into the bag but will place them loosely. Of course, you'll tend to go for seasonal fruit and vegetables, organic if possible.


Check out Steam cooking vegetables.



CARROT'S BENEFITS • Its origin: a biennial plant of the Apiaceae family. • Its seasonality, harvesting and planting: In temperate climates, sewing periods may stretch from end October to beginning of July, for harvesting from May to October. • How to peel: Peel from the top to the root. • Cooking time: 10 minutes … 


How to choose tomatoes Favour highly-coloured, firm tomatoes. What are their benefits? The tomato's red pigment called "lycopene" is an antioxidant which has been studied for its anti-cancer virtues. Eating a lot of tomatoes may reduce the risk of prostate, stomach, etc. cancer. 


How to choose potatoes For soft-steam cooking, favour firm-fleshed potatoes. A few examples of the varieties to choose: Amandine, Annabelle, Belle de Fontenay, Charlotte, Chérie, Franceline, Pompadour, Ratte, Roseval   What are their benefits? Potatoes play an effective role in covering our daily needs... 


How to choose leeks Go for leeks which have a smooth texture and intense colours. The leaves should also be very straight and firm. What are their benefits? Leeks are a source of vitamins B, vitamin K, provitamins A and vitamin C. The green part of the leek is richer in provitamins A... 


How to choose asparagus Choose asparagus which are very straight, firm and snap easily, with tight tips. Choose the biggest as they contain more water and are tastier. What are their benefits? Asparagus contains asparagine. This substance stimulates the elimination of waste and toxins via the kidneys.  It is also a diuretic... 


How to choose spinach Choose spinach leaves by only taking the best leaves which should be dark green, smooth, tender and free from marks.   What are their benefits? Spinach is known for its high iron content, it is rich in minerals and trace elements and offers many benefits for health.  It is an excellent source of... 


How to choose pink radishes Choose your radishes based on their size; favour small ones instead of big ones. The bigger they are, the more hollow and insipid they may be. They should be firm and free from marks. The greener and thicker the tops, the fresher they will be. What are their benefits? ... 


The French Scientific Institute of Food Hygiene (ISHA) analysis report: Vitamin C Before (raw): 161 mg/100 g = 10% After (cooked in the vitalizer 10 min): 161 mg/100 g = 10%  I wish to share this information with my friends 

12 / 04 / 2015

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